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NIVIUK Paragliders and Harnesses

Niviuk Paragliders have quickly become known for their unsurpassed construction, sharp visual design, unique Niviuk "feel" and for setting benchmark standards throughout the spectrum of their wings and harnesses. From the inception Niviuk paragliders have been getting great reviews and loads of “buzz” in the paragliding news and forums.

OUTSTANDING Paragliders and Harnesses for all LEVELS
Recently the
Icepeak 6 paraglider has been dominating competitions worldwide. The new Peak 3 paraglider is THE hottest EN D wing out there, and the new freestyle/acro wings F Gravity 2 and N-Gravity 3 paragliders have just been released. With so much success with cutting edge designs Niviuk has put just as much effort and expertise into the creating paragliders for us mere mortals. The Koyot 2 paraglider is the EN A for the ultimate in safety with performance, the Hook 3 paraglider EN B, DHV 1-2, and the Artik 3 paraglider EN C, DHV 2, and the excellent tandem glider, the Takoo 2 paraglider. The Niviuk Speed flying wings, the Skate 2 speed flying wing and Zion, are available in sizes for all levels. Niviuk also has harnesses available for everything for all types of paragliding, the Hamak 2 harness for all pilot levels, the Roamer harness for speed flying and mountain descents, the Konvers convertible harness for hike and fly, and the Transat tandem harness for tandem pilots.
This site was developed to share consolidated information on each of the Niviuk paragliders and harnesses to help you in your decision, and for dealer/instructors to easily share information with their clients. For the latest information on any of our products, a referral to a Niviuk dealer/instructor near you, or to share feedback on our website or Niviuk products, please
contact us.
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Soaring in Costa Rica with hundreds of Swainson's hawks
"I started flying Niviuk wings in early spring of 2006 when I became the West Coast importer distributor in the USA and I have witnessed the incredible growth and expansion of this company. I was in on the ground floor, one of the first to bring Niviuk to the USA and the first to offer support to paragliding instructors and dealers, the first to have demos of this new brand, that hardly anyone had even heard about. At first I sold a lot of wings using the "puppy principle." It's like giving a puppy to a kid and saying "Try it for a week, if you like it you can keep it," but with demo paragliders instead of a dog! Now everyone knows that Niviuk is one of the top brands out there across the spectrum, and I'm glad to have played a small role in that growth.

From December to March every year I lead trips to
Costa Rica, Brazil and Nicaragua with my company Paracrane, so I’m lucky to be able to fly 12 months a year. I created this site to consolidate information, reviews, comments and opinions on the variety of Niviuk Paragliders to supplement the Niviuk website. Niviuk Paragliders continue to impress me, continue to improve and I continue to love flying them. I hope you will too!"
Nick Crane, USHPA advanced paragliding instructor, USHPA tandem instructor and tandem administrator

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