Hook 3

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These are the words the Spanish magazine Parapente Vuelo libre used to describe the Hook 3 in the November 2013 issue:

“The 3rd generation of the Niviuk Hook model is the best one that this manufacturer has designed so far though we have not tried the Peak 3 yet. The new Hook is more solid and easy to fly than the previous version and it offers more performance in terms of gliding and speed.
Overall, it is a completely new concept. Their idea was to cover all En-B pilots range with a unique model (from advanced beginners to cross country pilots) and they achieved it. The Hook 3 is an easy handling glider, long lasting, well built and comfortable to fly in all aspects”

A Privileged Technology
When the experience of the past meets the innovation of the future the perfect balance is achieved. Equipped with the latest technology handed down from competition wings.
New Emotions
The Hook3 offers a fun refined way to experience the pleasure of flying. Enjoy the feeling!
Higher performance and total comfort
The Hook3's new features allows pilots to enjoy total comfort in flight. High performance with confidence
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The new edge of the En B gliders
In this sport the evolution and a constant search for a glider that flies higher and safer. Nothing remains static and everything changes. The technological advances and the high performances achieved in the top categories are the new expectations that pilots wish to find in their new wing and gliders must constantly excel to be on the par to offer what is expected from them

The Hook 3 is the heir of the experience and knowledge acquired all along years of commitment and research to get the latest technology accessible to all pilots.

In technology, less is more
In the Hook 3 we have managed to reduce to the minimum the parasite resistance. We have cut down the total length of the suspension lines which generates minor friction and consequently increases the performance of the wing. It means 67 meters less lines and 23 per cent less drag than its predecessor.

That reduction is possible thanks to the implementation of the 3-line glider technology. Consequently much meticulous work was required in the inner profile; an elaborate distribution of ribs, intraribs, diagonals ribs and load tapes to distribute the load more efficiency as well as with the minimum anchor points.

This unique internal architecture keeps the profile always in an optimal shape. It controls the loss of pressure and turbulence through the cohesion of the profile; more stable resulting in easier handling.
The trailing edge has been reinforced with small ribs that spread out the pressure in this part of the glider. The addition of these ribs gives the Hook 3 exceptional handling (better and more efficient when turning) and more control and precision.

The RAM air intake in the leading edge guarantees for more aerodynamic efficiency, a consistent airflow leading to easy piloting. The Hook 3 is equipped also with the SLE system (Structured Leading Edge), one of the reasons of the success of our Serial Class and Sport Class wings. Both technologies meet to provide high performance with maximum security.

As a result, the Hook 3 is a technology privileged glider.It is a glider for all pilots who wish to be equipped with latest performance and technology, without sacrificing the usual safety found in the EN B class.The Hook 3 is a soul mate adaptable to your needs.

Feel the difference
What’s the difference? Our R+D team focused on innovation, on changing the design of the wings, on looking for new materials and on offering the same quality as usual to achieve our main goal: improve the experience of the pilots, because the pilot is the most important thing to us.

Discover the power of the Hook 3 and surprise yourself with its possibilities.Hook 3, there is no need to settle for anything less.
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