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Innovative Profile
A new profile designed from experience and for the new mandatory rules. Once again, our R+D have been able to create a high performance profile with new and unsurpassed results.
Outstanding Behavior
Its low sink rate is incredible and yet the classic Niviuk feel has been maintained, always finding the right line. A moderate aspect ratio ensures that the IP6 is very manoeuvrable and remains solid in turbulent air.

Confidence and Commitment
Speed and power to achieve your expectations without losing our Niviuk compromise. The IP6 is a wing more than capable of taking you to the highest point on the podium or exceeding your cross country expectations.
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Icepeak6 colors
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More about the Icepeak 6
As we all know times are changing in our sport. The new mandatory rule of flying EN-D certified wings in world class competitions has given rise to a total change.

That challenge is to be able to apply all our years of knowledge in research design and technology to create a new profile capable of achieving a competition wing with EN-D Certification.

Niviuk has met that challenge and we are very proud to present to you our answer, an all new paraglider for an all new era, the Icepeak 6.

Created from a blank drawing board the IP6 has a completely new profile. Designed from experience and for the new mandatory rules this brand new profile allows us to reduce the aspect ratio yet maintaining the same performance which we achieved with our open class wings, so allowing more pilots access to high performance with safety and comfort.

Once again our R+D team have been able to create a high performance profile with final unsurpassed results, with results such as a very late stall point, therefore improving the performance of the brakes and achieving high maneuverability in weak conditions.
Using the experience we have gained during the development and creation of high performance profiles such as the Peak, which was the first ever 3 liner wing to be certified, and the proven advantages of the SLE as applied to the original Icepeak we are able to evolve and apply such Niviuk innovations to the all-new Icepeak6 offering you the highest level of EN-D certified excellence.

The many hours of intense hard work undertaken by all of our R+D team have ensured that the Icepeak 6 is ready for the beginning of the new year, proving our total commitment to pilots and also confirming our absolute desire to continue to develop, innovate, improve and excel.

It is only the unique knowledge and experience of our R+D team who are able to apply the evolution of our 2 line technology to this all new profile. We have created a supremely high performance EN-D certified wing with even more piloting precision and an incredibly low sink rate and yet we have maintained the classic Niviuk feel, always finding the right line. A moderate aspect ratio ensures that the Icepeak 6 is very manoeuvrable and very solid in turbulent air. Its behaviour in the air is predictable and the feedback remains balanced throughout all aspects of flight resulting in ultimate pilot confidence.