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Comfortable and Adaptable
Reversible. It can be easily transformed from a spacious and manageable backpack, to a comfortable harness suitable for all pilots and flights
Born to be Safe
Fitted with Airbag protection system, the structure of the harness serves to protect the pilot.
Compact and light weight, the Konvers will follow you anywhere you go.
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Specifically designed for you
The Konvers is such a versatile and easily convertible harness that you will feel that it has been specifically designed for you. It can adapt itself to every pilot and situation. It breaks the border among categories to cover everything from the first flights to the needs of the most experienced pilots. It has an optional pod extension for increased performance.

Bring it with you! The Konvers will be with you for short flights, during long journeys as well as the most incredible adventures. It is ideal for any traveling pilot, for hike and fly and for cross country flights. You can easily transform it from harness to rucksack to carry on your journey.

More features with less weight
We know the importance of the lightness of your flying gear, therefore we have worked hard to reduce the weight of the harness, to only 3,6 kg (size M)

Having the latest performance with the minimal load is now possible thanks to the use of light but really strong materials.
Comfort in all ways
You can fly the Konvers in a fully upright position, a slightly upright position, or totally supine position for cross country flights; with maximum comfort and freedom of movement. A sliding seat plate allows you to easily move from one position to another. Moreover, the folding/unfolding process is simple and quick

Guaranteed safety
The Airbag protection system is integrated into the structure of the harness. The back part becomes inflated during the flight turning itself into a security system. It keeps inflates during the flight as well as when landing in order to protect the pilot if it is necessary. More security with less weight. with rapid access to the rescue compartment placed under the seat