Koyot 2

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Take Control
With its aesthetically pleasing design and ease of piloting the Koyot 2 will fulfil your every need to fly. Progressive handling and total comfort places you the pilot in absolute control. The Koyot 2 listens to you, understands you and natural progression of experience in flight is the result.
Thinking Big
Progress and goals are often achieved by just thinking big and the Koyot 2 is big in every detail. Using the latest generation profile, competition technology and the highest quality materials the Koyot 2 is the answer to your thoughts. Look ahead, think big.
Free Yourself
Find and explore the true meaning of free flying. Take off, feel your feet lift from the ground, feel the wind in your face and dare to turn in thermals and experience the spiral staircase of lifting air to cloud base. Take advantage of the wind while it blows in your favour and allows the Koyot 2 take you far far away.
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Koyot 2 colors
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The largest adventure starts with a first step
If you are bound by the spell of passion for free flight and have a growing desire to push the boundaries of new found adventures then the Koyot 2 with its class leading performance and high level of safety is the natural choice for you.
The new Koyot 2 offers confidence and comfort and with its ease of piloting, light, smooth, progressive and intuitive handling you will quickly experience the joys of ultimate free flight.
Unlike a classic beginner wing the Koyot 2 is designed to take you far beyond the point of learning. From your very first flight to long distance adventures the Koyot 2 is your wing for the future.

You’re in control
You lead your adventure! In total comfort and safety the Koyot 2 is a wing that answers only to you, following your every command instinctively knowing exactly what you require. Even in the most difficult conditions the Koyot 2 will not falter.
Inflating the Koyot 2 is both simple and efficient and even if you do get ahead of it the wing will simply sit directly above your head and wait for you to make the decision when to take off.
The control lines (brakes) on the Koyot 2 have been meticulously designed to provide light and progressive handling, allowing ease of turning and controlled agility in an intuitive manner. These characteristics with its high level of passive safety and comfort will allow you to enjoy many hours of stress free flight. Adventure and freedom is now possible.
Step by step
You will soon become as one with the Koyot 2, quickly developing trust and confidence allowing you go further even than your greatest expectations. Helping you to experience and understand the secrets of nature’s air mass your piloting skills will day by day quickly improve allowing you to reach new heights, experience the power and grace of thermals and explore new and distant terrains.
Go ahead, take off, enjoy the pleasure, progress each day and let your experience grow!

Competition technology in your hands
The Niviuk team applies new and exciting design innovations which this sport demands: safe and fun wings with good performance. The goal for the Koyot 2 is to offer a stable and comfortable flight.
One of the main technical advances of the new Koyot 2 is the profile which incorporates the SLE (Structured Leading Edge) within its structure. The SLE is new technology which the Niviuk R&D team discovered whilst designing competition wings and provides more rigidity and stability along the span of leading edge to optimize aerodynamic performance without losing any flexibility. The SLE technology has been applied to many Niviuk wings and has proven beyond any doubt to be beneficial to performance whilst providing leading edge durability.
At Niviuk we believe in progress, always looking ahead and thinking big and that philosophy has resulted in the new Koyot 2, big in every detail.
Take the control of your Koyot 2, fly safely and with confidence, go ahead and discover all that free flight has to offer you!
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