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Spirit of Competition
The Peak 3 design heralds from the competition circuit. It has been born with the gift of cross country flying. Explore its endless possibilities and feel the power of its competitive spirit.
New Goals
To reach new goals you need appropriate means: an easy handling, compact and efficient glider capable of bringing you wherever you wish.
Power and Control
Exploit its power while easily keeping it under control at every moment. Take its soul, dominate it and feel completely confident
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Peak3 colors
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The search for perfection

Niviuk’s R&D team have worked hard to create a new XC glider provided with latest technologies. Thanks to the knowledge acquired from our competition experience we can now feature an EN D glider with a more efficient profile never seen before.

It is a superior racing glider, capable of bringing you all its power to travel through the longest cross country distances, to go further and to fly faster. However, you can also enjoy its reliability, because for us high performance is a synonym for security and comfort.

A serial thoroughbred
The Peak 3 is one of today's most ambitious serial paragliders. It shares the same DNA as our Icepeak 6. It is a legend with a top competitive spirit, with Niviuk technology in all its cells.

The leading edge has been equipped with SLE and RAM air intake technologies which provide excellent performance in turbulence as well as a powerful acceleration. It has been designed to provide pilots with easy handling and control in any condition thanks to its performance.

The DRS (Drag Reduction System) technology has been applied on the trailing edge, which has been reinforced with small ribs that makes this part flatter in order to spread the pressure out evenly. It means better air-flow and less drag on this important part of the glider.

With a powerful profile and a detailed internal architecture structure the Peak 3 promises excellent results.

Unique Performance in the Serial Class

The exceptional behavior of the Peak 3 at every speed is a revolution. The sensation of command is guaranteed thanks to the easy intuitive control of every function.

It has been made with high strength materials, which allow a significant reduction of the total length of suspension lines in order to reduce the parasitic resistance and the weight of the glider. The Peak 3 is a 2 liner technology glider conceived to offer you more performance and security, with less flat span and weight. More speed, better ascent in thermals and better glide to bring you to everywhere you wish.

Combining power & control
To make the most of the power of nature it is essential to know how to use it and when to use it. The Peak 3 is like an elite athlete who expertly manages the resistance and the power to achieve outstanding dynamics as well as efficiency.

The high comfort and stability levels of the Peak 3 convert it into a perfect glider for long flghts. It has an agile control and it offers a unique passive safety for the XC category.
More speed, better ascent in thermals and better glide to bring you everywhere you wish.

The Peak 3 is ambitious and compelling. It is capable of challenging the strongest rival, however it has been created for the most important competition; the one that you have with yourself to beat your own limits!