Takoo 2

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Words cannot describe the pleasure of flying so why try, simply share your dreams, share the moments on the Takoo 2.
The Takoo 2 is the direct result of listening to tandem pilots from around the world. Their preferences and contributions have ensured the Takoo 2 is a wing specifically designed for the sharing pilot.
Ease of Flying
The improvements on the Takoo 2 are significant and piloting a tandem wing has never been so easy. With light controls and precise handling you have total control of the wing in every situation.
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Takoo2 colors

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A true life adventure
We continue to offer a rich piloting experience to those who share our vision, always with the NIVIUK spirit. Share the unique adventure of flying with your passenger in a tandem flight. We know that fancy words or long lists of numbers don´t matter, that any argument we make regarding our wings will be secondary to your own experience and thoroughness. We hope that our high level of standards live up to your demands. The TAKOO 2 has been developed over 3 years during which our aspirations to improve have been matched with reality.

Delight the senses, to heighten awareness
Since the release of the first Takoo, we have understood that the first requirement of tandem pilots is to have an easy wing, to ensure that the pilot would not have to make an extra effort on takeoff, that once airborne the pilot would feel good and in control of the flight, and that on landing the wing would stop where and when the pilot wanted. The qualities of the first Takoo were the ease of inflation, the performance in the air and the simplicity of landing. With the TAKOO 2 we have not lost those qualities but we have actually improved them to create an easier and more efficient glider. Thanks to the highly qualified R&D team, the Niviuk philosphy to provide continuous improvements and the contribution of many tandem Niviuk pilots, we are now able to bring together for the TAKOO 2 what we have learnt from other wings – from our school wings to the high-performance competition wings.
The reality comes from within
The size of the wing is the same – 42 and 39 meters – but inside there are changes: improvements designed to make your work easier and more enjoyable. More attachment points improve the loading and pressure of the wing. A slightly more pronounced arch gives the profile more stability in turbulence. We incorporated our SLE system (Structured Leading Edge) which results in having a very light leading edge, ease of inflation and minimal deformity during all possible incidents. The trailing edge is reinforced with the STE (Structured Trailing Edge) with a clean air flow and more efficiency in turns, while maintaining an excellent sink rate with a superior turn speed. The handling has been improved and it’s now much softer.

The line plan has been carefully developed to minimize total line distance, now reduced to 210 lines units and 416 meters. The improved ELS (Ear Lock System) really simplifies and facilitates the application of big ears. These are the factors that make the TAKOO 2 the perfect tool if you want to take your passenger for a cross country flight. With an indestructible leading edge, a more efficient trailing edge, 22% less lines and the guaranteed Niviuk “glisse”, we can only recommend you get a set of new batteries for your instruments and wish you a good flight.

TAKOO 2 - Together, experience the true source of pure tandem flight and freedom.